J.R. Ward is by far my favorite author. I love her books, especially the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series.
Dark Lover is the book that started my love of Paranormal Romance, which happens to be my favorite romance genre.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood

In my opinion, the best book in the entire series is Lover Awakened…if you like tortured souls, this is the book for you.  Another one of my favorites in the series, Lover Avenged…I guess I like tortured souls.  If you like some M/M action, Lover At Last is the book for you.  In this series, be prepared to laugh, cry, curse, laugh, swoon…change your panties…matter of fact, its best to go without. (Swoon).

Black Dagger Legacy

We all need more of the brothers and let’s face it, we ran out of brothers.  So The Warden created this spin-off series for fanatics like ME, so that we can see more of our men.  J.R. Ward, did not disappoint us with this series. Currently, two books in the series so far. This book focuses on new recruits to join the fight against the Lesser Society.  These recruits are both male and female–younger than the brothers–obviously.  So, each book we get a new story with one or two of the recruits and a Brother.  Yes, we see what the brothers are up to…We can expect to a book from this series once per year.