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Holiday Romance Freebies

It is good to have you back. Welcome!

I hope all your holiday shopping is done; I am finished with days to spare…now comes the gift wrapping part of it…ugh!

I am off work for the rest of the year, so guess what I am going to do?  Read, read, read and more reading.

I know most of us are spending time with our families, but we still need some time to ourselves–I think.

For readers like myself, we want to spend some time catching up on our series or like me looking for more books to devour…starting a new series–perhaps?

Keeping in the holiday spirit, I have found some more Free Holiday Romance Books on Kindle.  Check them out and let us know your thoughts on them.

As always check the price before you buy…just to make sure that they are still free.

Book of the Day!

More Than Once

By Elizabeth Briggs

Price: $0.00

Category: Holiday Romance

Here is a hot holiday romance from author Elizabeth Briggs, New York Best Seller Author.

Meet Becca and Andrew

Becca got dumped by her boyfriend and fired by her band…double whammy…all on Christmas Eve!  Then she runs into a former one night stand, Andrew.

So she invited him to a holiday dinner with her parents–to impress them, of course.

Andrew show Becca that he is a bad ass in the bedroom…Becca got invited back to perform in her band…Andrew faces his ex…what will happen next.

Get this free Holiday Romance, More than once, to find out.

Once Upon a Royal Christmas

By Robin Bielman

Price: $0.00

Category: Holiday Romance

This one is also from a bestselling author…from USA Today as a matter of fact.

Meet Rowan (this is a girl name?) and Theo (a real-life prince?).

They are in love, but will it last? Can their love endure the test of a royal life?

Pick up this book for free to find out.

That is all for now, I will post more freebies as I find them.

If you have read any of the above books, leave us a comment below.  What did you think of them or it?

Happy Reading!

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